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TAE KWON DO is one of the worlds most recognised and respected martial art training systems.
Basing its strengths on dynamic skill along with traditional values, it is unique when compared to other forms of self defence. It promotes a solid and direct way of learning martial arts.
TAE KWON DO main focus is the development of the individual through consistent training with the aim to achieve excellent Moral Character with a Strong Mind, Body and Spirit. TAE KWON DO promotes a healthy, active and confident lifestyle assisting in the preparation for ever-changing life experiences.
Whether as a young child developing focus and concentration, a teenager building self esteem and confidence, or as an adult improving on fitness whilst learning self defence our system is suited for everyone.

In particular TAE KWON DO encourages a solid way to effectively learn to defend yourself or protect others. It can help develop a heightened sense of awareness and prepare the mind and body to deal with conflict or danger.
Well known for its powerful and fast strikes along with its unique and dynamic kicking ability, TAE KWON DO has always been praised for its various philosophies encouraging its students to strive for personal development even at an accomplished level of Black Belt, where training truly begins to benefit.
TAE KWON DO can become a lifelong companion in the body’s general well being. This has been proven over and over again.
Throughout the world today, its teaching and philosophy has been passed on from master to student over countless decades and generations of hard physical and mental training. Decades of experience and accomplishments have established an impressive history of training along their TAE KWON DO journey.
The body is well conditioned and prepared enabling students to feel better and enjoy their lifestyle well into mid-life with the aid of TAE KWON DO training.
As traditional in its teaching as TAE KWON DO is, its modern, scientific and continually evolving nature will ensure its future throughout the world as one of the most established and dominant martial art systems of unarmed combat ever.
ROM TAE KWON DO promotes a dedicated, disciplined and structured way to learn self defence.
Beginning TAE KWON DO training in the early 1980s’ our dedication to the art has spanned decades and since ROM TAE KWON DO was introduced to the martial arts community in 1995, along with the guidance of many prominent TAE KWON DO Masters and teachers, the school has become reputable for its skill and character of its Black Belts and Students.
ROM TAE KWON DO believes in the individual improvement of its students, physically and mentally. We strive to promote a healthy and safe training environment for all to enjoy. We welcome you to our way of teaching and look forward to you accomplishing all you can within our self defence training system.
‘Nothing is impossible to a willing mind’
We expect that you will face many challenges that will help you to discover more about yourself enabling you to change and reveal the true person in you throughout your training journey.
Welcome to ROM TAE KWON DO
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"Any standout club has in place good philosophies and a good work ethic producing disciplined, knowledgable and skilled individuals"

ROMTKD Chief Instructor Claude Romano

Osborne Park Community Centre
9 - 11 Royal St Osborne Park 6017
Call 0418 888 472
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