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Separate Groups


The advantages for kids are infinite. Focus, awareness

and co-ordination just to name a few...

Many of these attributes help to develop a more confident child

which can help them through their school years to be more

motivated to improve not just physically and in character, but even

through their social skills and academics.


Children generally participate and contribute better in groups when they are self confident and have a high level of self belief. This can stem from the advantages of character building and leadership roles which are a large part in the ROM Tae Kwon Do syllabus of training.


A structured and graded training system is designed for the student to display certain skills and character as the student becomes more experienced. This way the student is "leading by example".


The pressures associated with peer groups become easier for the student as 'decision making' plays an important role in their development as a student but also in the way a child learns to prioritise especially as they make their way from primary school into high school, or from high school into the work force.

Training is throughout the entire year making it a great companion throughout their school and social lives. Unlike team sports.., ROM Tae Kwon Do is non seasonal. Centres are open all year round making it a great way to stay fit and focussed whilst the team sports are having a break.



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